Carridge ride in Werfenweng/Salzburg, Austria

Let my photos tell you the stories

As a writer I love lines, quotes, catch phrases or slogans. As a photographer I know a picture says more than a thousand words. As a realist I have to accept that if I want to catch your interest
I'll have to deliver an "eyecatcher". Time is precious and patience is low nowadays,
so let my photos catch your attention. Take a look at them and try to listen to the stories 
they have to tell you. Give in to the emotions my photos will evoke in you and
enjoy our beautiful world the way I see and capture it also for you.
You love photography? You have a passion for art? You are able to look deeper and always try to understand what an image is about to tell you? Either way you came to the right place! At WOSTPHOTO photography is the dominating subject. It's all about the images. Some are less colored than others, some are about landscape here and there, others are about people, animals, flowers, cards, macro photography and digital manipulation and much more. But all the photos here on WOSTPHOTO are about the beauty in our world. Captured in a way that they tell a story. All you need to do is to listen carefully and to let your emotions flow like the water. WOSTPHOTO is dedicated to my photography and to all the visitors who enjoy and value the effort one has to put into a photograph or a digital manipulated image. Some of the photos illustrate travel stories, others are meant to stir up your emotions and were shot with great sentiment. No matter where or how they became a captured moment, all the images have the purpose, to show how very beautiful our world and everything in it is. Take your time during your visit at WOSTPHOTO, enjoy what you see, check out the store, come again as often as you like and please share my website with others. 

Wolfgang Stocker