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There is no way that one can get a message out into the wide public nowadays without using social media. As a passionate photographer I like it when my work is seen by as many people possible. With social media this is almost guaranteed. So of course I use some outlets, not all but as I believe the important ones. I post my news – when I have some – on Facebook and tweet my work on Twitter. At times I forward some stuff from my website also to my LinkedIn account. There would be so many more outlets to use, I know. I turn around one time and boom two more new media outlets are available. Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate this kind of spreading the news, but where to begin and where to stop? And quite frankly I am a big believer in only doing what you do well. Plus there is the time factor also. If days would have 48 hours instead of 24 or quit sleeping for good would not influence the health, I would expand my social media activities in a heartbeat. If you want to see what's going on my Facebook and Twitter then please scroll down and check it out. Leave a comment, like it, send me friends requests or follow me. However, stay in touch!
Mask in Venice photo contest winner
Contest "Red" of the photo group "L'Arca Di Noe" – March 2017
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Positano – Photo of the Month in
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"Lifestyle & Travel Photographer" – October 2017

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"Lifestyle & Travel Photographer" using the "Three drops" macro shot by wostphoto as group header – March 2017

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