Castel dell'Ovo in Naples, fortress & former royal residence

Bevagna – Small, beautiful and traditional
Roman baths and Il Mercato delle Gaite

 Bevagna, Umbria/Italy (2018) – Part of Umbria's beauty comes from its history as demonstrated by many gorgeous medieval villages and towns in the Perugia region of Italy. Gubbio, Spello and Bevagna, to name a few, are perfect examples of how history shaped the cities, influenced its people and their traditions. While Gubbio and Spello are considered medieval hill towns, the little ancient Bevagna is a valley town. The small town (today only 2,700 inhabitants) with pre-Roman origins was originally an Etrusco-Oscan settlement, and during Roman times called Mevania. Bevagna is famous for being the home to great mosaic art on ancient Roman baths. The elaborate artwork on the floors of these baths shows incredible beautiful marine animals like lobster, octopus and sea dragons. Architecture and the very sophisticated drainage systems of the Mevania baths are subjects of many studies. Any visit to Bevagna has to include the very beautiful Piazza Silvestri with its Gothic Palazzo dei Consoli and the Gothic-Romanesque churches of San Silvestro (1195 AD) and San Michele Arcangelo, which face each other across the gorgeous ancient square. Bevagna is big on tradition: every year in June the city celebrates "Il Mercato delle Gaite", the market of the Gaite (districts). It actually is not one big market within the city walls but four. Each district (Gaite) – San Giorgio, San Pietro, Santa Maria and San Giovanni – has its own market and they all compete with each other in four races, the market race, the culinary race, the crafts race and in a shooting sports competition. The Market of the Gaite is one of Umbria's most important historical events.


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