Huge colorful soap bubble

Bubbles – Art which lasts only seconds

 I wish I could say: “… I remember, when I was young, we blew bubbles all the time…”.
Unfortunately, I never did. I didn’t have access to stuff like that when I was little.
The first time I blew one of these beautiful colorful “balloons” was when I was already in
my adult life. And then I discovered: Bubbles are an art form which lasts only seconds.
Not too long ago my friend Diana from Los Angeles posted a very beautiful picture of bubbles,
she had taken, on her Facebook site. Looking at these wonderful photos planted the idea in my head, to try a bubble photo myself. Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking!
Not very original to copy others. And you’re right, but there was no way I wouldn't try.

So I did one sunny day and needless to say, I fell in love with the bubbles!
I have to tell you though, to make the right colorful bubbles and get great photos out of this is
not as easy as one would think. Well, to blow the bubbles, in general, is not that difficult,
but to blow beautiful big ones is. At least it was for me. To blow big colorful bubbles and then shoot without using autofocus for the short time they are surfing in the air was still a challenge. With practice, practice and practice I finally managed to get some in the air and capture them.
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