It is always good when work is acknowledged, in which way ever, positive or negative, either way. Don’t we all like a few little words of appreciation or encouragement at times? I love to hear people’s opinion about my work, the good and the not so good stuff, for the simple reason that it makes me better in the end. It’s like an incredible booster for me to know that people look at my work, judge it somehow and actually talk about it. And if I can be part of this conversation, it's even better. I'm grateful when someone makes the effort to write a note and it truly makes me happy when my work, my art or whatever you want to call it, is the reason to communicate and subject for conversation.  

Of course, it is nice to hear a compliment now and then but also a few words of advice and constructive criticism are very much welcomed at any time. Yes, I am sensitive like the majority of creative people, but I see criticism in general as something positive because it just makes us better in whatever we do. Criticism keeps us grounded and helps us to grow and do better. I’m always open to suggestions and thankful for any advice. It only needs to be fair, respectful and most importantly presented in a kind way. So don’t hesitate, just hit me with it.

I would like to encourage you to use the contact form on this site if and whenever you feel like it. Send me your thoughts or just write a quick HELLO, I am looking forward to reading it. After all, any form of communication brings people together and might be the basis for a cool and long lasting friendship. I want to THANK YOU in advance for taking the time to write a few lines, I truly appreciate the effort.
Wolfgang Stocker
Wolfgang Stocker, owner of