Composite of full moon Harvest-Moon

Full moon in September – Harvest Moon
The orange pumpkin put up quite a show

Boca Raton, Florida/USA – A full moon rising is a very exciting event. I am not talking about watching a full moon in the dark sky, I am thinking about to see the moon in his very first appearance at the horizon and watch it climbing up this path, gaining more and more brightness. Plenty of great photographers shoot "La Luna" in all her glory every month and countless songs and
books and stories are written about the beauty and power of the rising moon.  
Speaking of it, remember "Bad Moon rising"/Creedence Clearwater Revival (1969),
"Kiko And The Lavender Moon"/Los Lobos (1996), "Moondance"/Van Morrison (1970)?
And who grew up in the Sixties has for sure still the melodie of "Moon River"/Henry Mancini (1961) or the not less famous "Blue Moon"/The Marcels (1961) in their ears. 
No matter how old these songs are, they are classics also because of its subject, the moon.
It's not only the light of the moon which keeps us attracted and constantly staring at it,
we also find it exciting when the moon appears closer as usual at times. A view times a year
the rise of a special full moon is a quite a spectacle. One of them is the "Harvest Moon" in the fall.
The Canadian musician Neil Young devoted in 1992 even a love song to this particular full moon.
Full moon with quote
In Florida, a full moon can bring a party to the beach
In September of this year, I had the pleasure to be at the beach in Boca Raton/Florida for the rise of the "Harvest Moon". What a show, what a spectacle and what an experience it was. Usually, only fireworks and beach parties bring people in the evening hours out to the beach. I was surprised to see that also a full moon can motivate people to hit the beach even if it's pitch-black out there. In fact, there were so many people out there, waiting for the moon to appear that it got almost a bit crowded. Most of them came equipped with beach chairs, coolers, food and drinks. They walked the beach up and down looking for the right spot to settle down and wait for the rise of this special moon. In the end, it was kind of a party with hundreds of people, a "Harvest-Moon-Beach-Party".

Everybody who came out to the beach on this September evening got rewarded. The "Harvest Moon" put up a show, no Hollywood movie director could have staged better. Mother Nature orchestrated the first-class spectacle. For a long time, it was pitch-dark at the beach, hardly anything to see, no reflection on the water, the horizon could only be guessed. Here and there was a flashlight to see from people settling in. It made me wonder where to expect the rise of the moon, I hadn't even a clue in which direction to point my camera. And because the wait wasn't strenuous enough, rumor went around , we might not even see the full moon because of incoming clouds.

But finally, all of a sudden, there I saw for the first time this evening the horizon. Soaked in orange. It seemed like it would be burning far out there. The sky soaked up the orange color more and more and created the perfect background for the appearance of the leading act. And there it was, the Harvest Moon showed up and did not disappoint! All was good! A big illuminated ball seemed to come right out of the Atlantic ocean, climbing up, higher and higher and soaking up some of the orange colors. All in slow motion. It looked like the ocean just had spit out an orange pumpkin. Little by little the moon emerged on the horizon. As higher it went up as more the orange color turned into silver and finally white. The moonlight became so much brighter like it needed it to find its way through the clouds which indeed had moved in little by little. It was the perfect scene for a Halloween movie.
Native Americans and farmers gave the Harvest Moon its name
By the way, the Harvest Moon got its name during the early years of the 18th century from Native Americans and from the farmers in the US. The appearance of this special moon marked the time when corn was supposed to be harvested and with the bright and long-lasting light of this moon, farmers could work late into the night to harvest their crop.
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