Gorilla at the zoo Hellabrunn in Munich, Germany

– “Hellabrunn”
A perfect day at the zoo in Munich

Munich/Germany (2012). – I don’t know how many times I’ve been in a zoo already in my life but every time again I have the possibility I certainly use it. A zoo is like a magnet for me, its fascination seems never-ending. Needless to say, I could spend hours with all the animals, no matter how small or big the zoo is. It's fun to watch all the diverse creatures, how they interact with each other.
I always wonder if they act differently for the visitors than they would normally when the zoo is closed? Especially the monkeys. I’ve seen a lot of zoos already in many different countries.
One of the most beautiful ones is without a doubt “Hellabrunn” in Munich/Germany.
Located on the periphery of this great Bavarian city, embedded within beautiful nature. 

Going to the zoo, of course, I always take my camera and I am never too tired to
capture as much as I can. Every shot I take excites me, even though a good friend of mine and
a great photographer told me once, that shooting animals would be only exciting when they actually
are out in the wild running free in their natural habitat. I agree and disagree!
I am pretty sure, nothing beats the feeling to see Lions, Elephants, Zebras, Chimpanzees and
Rhinoceroses out in the wild for example in Africa. But if you can't go to Africa or
you're not planning a safari trip somewhere else in the world for the near future then
go, grab your camera and spend a day in a zoo. Because it's for sure the second best feeling you can have with these great animals. And, they are all to find within walking distance. Just saying.  


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