Austrian city Hallstatt at the lake Hallstaettersee

iPhone fisher meets a true fisherman
  Fishing is fun, relaxing and exciting

Scheffau/Austria (2013). – Let me start by saying that fishing isn't something I do – at all. First of all, because I don't eat fish, never did and most likely never will. So that makes fishing already irrelevant to me. But also I am not cut out for killing animals and fishing almost always ends with a dead fish. I know what you think, some of the food we eat is from animals which were killed for the purpose to serve as food for us humans. Yeah, trust me, I know, just call me stubborn.  I also know that fishing is more than just providing food, it is also a hobby for many, a calming and relaxing one I was told. 
Plus it is an affordable one as long you stick to the basics and you're always in beautiful nature,
at a lake, a river or even on the ocean.

Well having said all this, it's time to come clean: I do fish and kind of like it, I am an iPhone fisherman. A few years back, I downloaded a fishing app on my cell phone, one of these crazy senseless games for smartphones. I tried it and, no wonder got addicted to it. I realized, somehow there had to be a fisherman in me. Anyway, I fished and fished, got really good at it – in the gaming world mind you, and when my son-in-law, who loves fishing, one day asked me to join him on a little fishing adventure, I accepted. It was on: real fisherman versus iPhone fisherman. Joke aside, I really wanted to see if the excitement for the fishing game had changed my view on true fishing. 
Graves at the little cemetery in Hallstatt, Upper Austria, with view onto the lake Hallstaettersee
I was a bit surprised about myself that I had agreed to go fishing, but after all, I guess I just had to find out if there really was some sort of fisherman in me. Alex, my son-in-law, had indicated that we would only go a few hours and that I wouldn't have to fish myself but could take some photos instead. Which, I admit, made me more comfortable than the idea that at one point I would have to take a fish from a hook. 

While driving to the lake I told Alex about the fishing experience I had so far on my phone. Well, the obvious happened, he laughed at first then looked at me with a dead serious face and told me that I was playing and not fishing. Not that I didn't know that. What can I say, the few hours at the lake watching him doing his thing really proved his point. I indeed didn't know anything about the real fishing, which would change on this morning. I learned that who wants to fish, needs to have some knowledge. It's really not something you can jump right into it. It starts by knowing where and how to fish what, fulfilling the legal requirements to be able to fish and finding the right spot. Trust me, this all is for beginners like science. And of course, you need the right equipment. Let me tell you, it's complicated, really it is. If you try to catch a certain type of fish you need to know what kind of bait to use and to figure that out is a whole other story. Not to forget the technical side, the hooks, the lines and the poles. One question is unavoidable: when to use what? To be clear, nothing of all that is required knowledge for my iPhone fishing. I just grab my phone, start the application and swing it through the air, then I watch the fish come and bite. Oh well...

I would have not caught a single one of Alex's five fish he ended up catching on that morning. But I learned a lot, most of all that it is not enough to hold a fishing pole into the water and wait. Even if you look like a fisherman, equipped with all the right gear, fish won't bite, a lesson I've learned in these hours at the lake from our fishing neighbor. He looked like he just popped out from a fishing catalog, had plenty of stuff with him, but he couldn't manage to crank in even a single little fish. It's all about location, weather, time, bait and most of all how to combine your knowledge with your equipment. Well, it all sounds easy but trust me, iPhone fishing is so much easier! I have to admit, fishing is so much more exciting, especially when you go fishing with a true fisherman. Honestly, I never thought it could even excite me a little bit, but I have to say, I had fun after all and more excitement than I had hoped for - responsible for some of the excitement was a ring snake under a rock we've turned (even though I hate and fear snakes, I was brave enough to take a photo).
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