Villa Mainardis was the movie set for the "Best Offer"

 Villa Mainardis
"Movie location for "The Best Offer 

Gorizzo – Camino al Tagliamento/Italy (2013). –  I had the great opportunity and privilege to
attend “The Trieste Film Festival” in 2013. The great Italian Academy Award-winning film director Giuseppe Tornatore had just finished up his new movie “The best offer”
(“La migliore offerta”) and presented it in its original version at the festival.
The movie was shot in the region of Friuli-Venezia-Giulia/Italy, Vienna/Austria, South Tyrol/Italy, Trieste/Italy and parts of it also in Prague/Czech Republic. With his choice of location
Tornatore brought new fame to the Villa Mainardis in Gorizzo near Camino al Tagliamento.
The decayed estate, all dressed up nicely, plays a big part in “The best offer”.
Villa Mainardis in Gorizzo
It’s true, film people do create illusions
Driving from Codroipo/Italy on the “SP3” to Camino al Tagliamento one reaches inevitably Gorizzo and with that the great estate of the Mainardis family. Right where the street crosses with the “Strada Provinciale 93” the Villa Mainardis suddenly leaps into view. Seeing the estate after having seen the movie gave me a reality check and reminded me that movie people indeed do create illusions.

Perfect location for a perfect tragic love story
Looking at the villa, I could follow Tornatore’s thought why he had picked it as the location for this unusual love story in the world of auctions, which revolves around a loveless elderly man who intersects with a young man and a mysterious woman living in a villa. Even though the villa has many years on its back and obviously no problem to also show it, the former Mainardis’ home is exceptionally beautiful from the distance, brings almost romance to mind, especially for a photographer.

Villa Minardis still knows how to stand out
The Villa Colloredo Mels Mainardi can be dated back to the second half of the 17th century but was built, so local historians, on the ruins of a small fort of the 12th century, which was damaged during the raid of the Turks in 1651 and then rebuilt by the poet Ermes di Colloredo. A wide park framing the Villa makes the estate really stand out.

Film people are gone and so is the illusion
Half a year after filming “The best offer” on the estate, nothing reminds any longer than the great Tornatore with his film crew had occupied the village of Gorizzo for a few weeks in 2012. Not a trace to see. In fact, looking at the villa today makes you understand that the film people actually had constructed a wall with a huge metal gate for the shoot and had removed all of it again after the final take. Only the people living in the villa today might still remember Tornatore & Co. because the roof of the decayed villa had to be repaired in order to make filming inside the building possible.

A Tornatore masterpiece – “Made in Italy”
By the way: Giuseppe Tornatore chose not only with Villa Mainardis a great location in the region of Friuli-Venezia-Giulia for his romance but also placed with Geoffrey Rush, Jim Sturgess, Sylvia Hoeks and Donald Sutherland great names of Hollywood into this film to guarantee another Tornatore masterpiece.


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