Montechiello in Val d'Orcia, Tuscany/Italy

Lots of ancient charm in Montichiello
Great view from the Terrazza della Val' Orica

Montichiello, Tuscany/Italy (2017) – In general, when locals recommend: "You have to see that",
then you should listen to them. That's no different in Tuscany/Italy. In Val d'Orcia it is almost impossible to know or find all the hidden treasures by yourself. With good preparation,
you can come far but with local's advice, you get access to the real valuables. Jewels like Montichiello, the "Terrazza della Val' Orcia" (Terrace of Val d'Orcia), all of the sudden jump out
of the valley's amazing treasure box. The small medieval town on a beautiful hilltop and right
in the heart of Tuscany's countryside is known for its outstanding view over the Val d'Orcia. Montichiello still is an "insider tip", not too many tourists have discovered the ancient town
just yet which by the way claims to be founded more than 1000 years ago.
Between houses in Montichiello in Val d'Orcia in Tuscany/Italy
Montichiello is a hidden but true jewel out of Val d'Orcia's treasure box
Montichiello is indeed a small town, surrounded by the remains of the town wall. Walking through it takes less time than you might spend enjoying the incredible view offered to the village. One of the most attractive overviews you can find in Val d'Orcia. The town is a true jewel though, thick defense walls and towers contribute to a certain ancient charm. The "Porta Sant'Agata", an arched stone wall entry into the village is the first you see when approaching the village from the outside parking. Walking the first steps on the uneven stones pavement leading into the village already gives you the feeling you are walking in a history book.

Everything is very clean, even the surprisingly wide village roads. The balconies are full of colorful flowers and laundry now and then. Flower pots and vases filled with blooming flowers are everywhere, on the house walls and also lined up on stairs leading up to the entry doors of these gorgeous Montichiello homes. You can tell that the citizens of Montichiello exhibit their homes with pride. The green from the trees and bushes growing up the house facades display a great contrast to the typical Tuscany stone colors and terracotta pots. The few little stores are very inviting, shopping seems to be a pleasure here still. Many of the goods offered are handmade. In the center of the village, you can't miss the 13th-century roman-gothic "Church of Saints Leonard and Christopher" with its beautiful frescoes.
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