Purple tulip close-up
The day I started to work on my own website WOSTPHOTO I became a regular guest in cyberspace. Browsing the world-wide web all of the sudden was not a choice any longer but a must, an obligation. I was my own website administrator now – a one man show, mind you – and had my hands full with basic necessities. Checking the site for functionality, making updates and fixing errors or malfunctions were some of them, creating new content, writing blog posts, replying to comments and filling my galleries with my new photos were some more others. Surfing the net became quick a daily routine but also an exciting journey. In the beginning I couldn't even believe how many photographers, artists and other very creative people showed their work in cyberspace.
I bookmarked them all and soon my bookmark sheet developed to a bookmark book.
A while ago I decided to dedicate some of my space on WOSTPHOTO to sites I'd like to share also with my visitors. But don't worry, with "Pages I like" I won't bother you with my index  of bookmarks, here you'll find a small but informative selection of cool sites and the path to  the work of friends, great artists, excellent photographers and also to some service sites I find interesting or/and helpful. Check them out!

Cool websites – Check them out!​​