Horses and carriages at the Villa Manin in Passariano/Codroipo in Friuli/Italy

Snow Art in Friuli's Pontebba
International sculptors showed their skills

 Pontebba/Italy (2019) – Very talented and creative sculptors from not only Italy but also Belarus, Ukraine, Mongolia, Czech Republic, Germany and Wales/Great Britain showed once again in Pontebba in Friuli-Venezia Giulia during this year's 4th International Snow Sculpture Festival their incredible skills. As if it was not freezing cold enough already, for three days in a row the international artists had to work huge iced snow blocks into amazing pieces of art in the open air. Snow Art became a regular in Pontebba's event calendar in the past years, the snow and ice sculptures attract every year more people and bring thousands of visitors to the festival in the northern Italy city. The Snow Sculpture Festival takes place right in the middle of the city, around city hall, at the Piazza Garibaldi and the streets from and to city hall. Visitors can pass by, engage and watch the sculptors creating their stunning magical art.    


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