Castel dell'Ovo in Naples, fortress & former royal residence

Hollywood star and tourist magnet
Throw a coin in Rome's Trevi fountain

Rome/Italy (2018) – There are some mandatory stops one has to take when visiting Rome. One of the "must-see"-landmarks is Rome's most beautiful and largest Baroque fountain, located in the Trevi district, in between the Piazza del Popolo and the Colosseum. Even though Rome has the most fountains in the world (more than 2.000) this one is very special. Remember Federico Fellini's (Italian film director, 1920 - 1993) "La dolce vita" from the Sixties, in which the Swedish actress Anita Eckberg jumped fully dressed into a fountain? Yes, it was the "Fontana di Trevi", Rome's Trevi fountain, which became after the release of this movie worldwide even a bit more famous. But don't get any ideas, it's strictly forbidden to step into the water. Also, even though it might seem refreshing, it's recycled water and not drinkable. No wonder Hollywood used this magnificent monument as a backdrop in many movies – La Dolce Vita, Three Coins in the Fountain and Roman Holiday, to name a few – the Trevi Fountain is one of the stars of the Roman sights. If you throw a coin into the fountain, you will come back to Rome, if you throw two coins you will find a new romance in Rome and if you even throw three you will get married. so the legend says and supposedly it works only with the Trevi fountain, so don't get your coins and run for a fountain, you will have to travel to Rome first. If you do it, do it right: throw the coin with your right hand over your left shoulder. Guess how many coins are thrown into the fountain every day? The value of astonishing 3.000 Euro! In 2016 the total amount of money thrown into the Trevi Fountain for this year was 1.4 million Euros! I know what you are thinking. By the way: The coins are collected every night and given to an Italian charity program which uses the money to help Rome's needy to buy groceries. Oh, and be aware, it is a crime to "fish out" and steal coins. The Trevi Fountain was renovated in 2014/15 for 2 Million Euro and since then shines even more.  
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