Mirabell with castle Hohensalzburg in Salzburg, Austria

Walking through Salzburg and ignoring Mozart

Salzburg/Austria. (2012/2015) – It’s always special to be back at a place I kind of feel home.
I’ve worked and lived in Salzburg, in the capital of the Austrian state of Salzburg for many years and spent a great deal of time in this great and very beautiful city. Even though I did not 
grow up here, the city always made me feel like home. Over the years I gained a familiarity
with Salzburg, with its sights, its streets and the squares and of course with its people.
No wonder, the so called “Mozart city” is very close to my heart until today. Even when I
left for a while, after some time I felt "homesick" somehow and wanted nothing else than 
to come back to Salzburg and if it was only for a short visit, for a few hours. This city is like
magic and for sure known worldwide for its beauty, which works like a magnet.
It attracts you, it pulls you in and it doesn't let you go again. Never ever again!
Leopoldskron at the pond with castle Hohensalzburg in the back in Salzburg, Austria
Salzburg is so much more than just the Mozart city
It was always special to be back in Salzburg and it still is. Even though after a while I mutated from an inhabitant to a tourist, a guest, a visitor. Not a great feeling I will admit, it's like being a guest in your own home. Plus I feel like I am everything else but a tourist in general, even if I wander around on foreign grounds. I don't like to go with the masses, rather in the opposite way nor am I patient enough to line up wherever and for whatever. There came a time during my working years in Salzburg when I got really annoyed when the summer month came and with that the vacation tourists. Even though the city profits a good deal from this tourism business, for its people it's no fun what so ever. Driving in the city becomes almost impossible, especially on rainy days, when the city is closed up for cars due to full parking lots. Even walking starts bothering, in particular when many Mozart related buildings are close by. It's really all about Mozart in Salzburg. But the city is so much more than just the Mozart city.

Trying to avoid Mozart in Salzburg
Salzburg is so much more than only the birthplace of the 18th-century composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Thanks to the great musical genius, the city today is more than ever highly associated with classical music in general. Of course, Mozart is in Salzburg omnipresent and therefore it is really not an easy task to see “beyond” his legend. Wherever you are or go, there is also a presence of Mozart. Like a shadow. Also to a point where it really gets annoying or absurd. Mozart is everywhere and on everything, it seems. On one of my past visits, I asked myself if it would be possible to avoid the musical genius when touring through the city of Salzburg. The answer is: It's not easy but it is possible.

Salzburg has so much to offer than “just” Mozart. The city is a true treasure box when it comes to sights. It’s loaded with beauty. Everywhere you go you’ll see something really cool, something which puts you in “awe”. The architecture, the gardens, the parks, the traditional market places, the great shopping streets with a cool mix of stores and their traditional business signs above their entrees, the enchanting alleys, lovely decorated especially around Christmas time, the churches and not to forget the friendly locals in their traditional clothes. It doesn't really matter when one visits Salzburg, the city is always beautiful, in every season of the year.

Trying to avoid Mozart is like to discover Salzburg new again. It means walking streets away from the mainstream, finding old and new "hidden gems". Here it's an old wooden mill wheel in the middle of Downtown, there it's the gorgeous small St. Peter's Cemetery, the oldest Christian graveyard in Salzburg, dating back to 1627. 

Looking up once in a while also guarantees photographer great findings in this beautiful city. High up on top of the "Festungsberg" in Downtown sits the "Hohensalzburg" castle, Salzburg’s most famous landmark. The fortress was built to secure the safety of the archbishops and is more than 900 years old. "Hohensalzburg" is the largest completely preserved castle in central Europe. It's advised to get a closer look at this landmark, also because of the incredible view, one has of Salzburg up there. 

There are so many beautiful parks and sights in Salzburg which have absolutely nothing to do with Mozart. Take a look at the Mirabell Palace and gardens for example or the "Sound of Music" castle Leopoldskron with its little lake. It doesn't come more picturesque. Or check out the "Basilica of Maria Plain". The location of this landmark is breathtaking, it not only provides a great view of the city of Salzburg, on a clear day the Austrian Alps are framing the city view.
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