Michaela Seidl's website about her pencil drawings

Michaela Seidl – Drawings, paintings and more

“Michaela Seidl – Drawings, paintings and more”  –  www.seidlart.com  –  is the website of my good friend, the incredibly artistic Michaela Seidl from Salzburg/Austria. No matter which tool she uses, a pencil, a pen or a brush and no matter on what surface she draws and paints, paper, linen or
silk, the results are always breathtaking. Michaela creates the most beautiful pieces of ART.
She could put color on her finger and draw with it on a concrete wall, the outcome would be nothing
less than fantastic. Even though she is a very busy working woman and a mother of a beautiful son, she masters to pursue her hobby. Due to the fact that Michaela is a night owl most of her incredible ART is created in the hours past midnight. And nevertheless, her time is so limited her selection of great ART is growing by the day. Check out seidlart.com and see for yourself.
Lady in Blue, pencil drawing of Michaela Seidl
Pencil drawings, watercolor & ink work – Hobby turns to serious art during the night hours
I am for sure not an art critic but I have a good feeling for what is cool. Leaving my friendship with Michaela aside, I would include her to the group of my most talented artist friends. Her pencil portraits are amazingly detailed, her Venetian masks, her flowers and still life drawings are out of this world. Not to mention her calligraphy or her latest works, photorealistic pencil drawings. Once you’ve seen one piece, you want to see them all. Wandering through her galleries can be considered as one of the greatest pleasures for art lovers. Giving the fact that Michaela can’t spend more time for her drawings, paintings and other art projects some few hours around midnight every other day only makes every single one of her pieces very special and exclusive. Michaela Seidl has her own website  www.seidlart.com where she showcases some of her beautiful work. It's only right, that a much broader group of art lovers get to enjoy her great artistry. One of many reasons for me to dedicate this space to her and her art.

My photos stand model for her incredible art
I am proud to say that once in a while Michaela Seidl uses some of my photography as an inspiration for her drawings and paintings. My photos from the “Carnival in Venice” for example "stood model" for her artwork, and so did some of my Liguria shots from Cinque Terre or from Austria's capital, Vienna. Last but not least some impressions from the famous “Route 66” in the US were also "reproduced" by her. Michaela Seidl's “Venetian Masks” I highly recommend to look at and also the pencil drawings of the Route 66 “Oldtimers”.

From excitement to frustration – From struggle to satisfaction and joy
I would like to give my visitors a tiny taste of how the artist Michaela Seidl “ticks”. A recent comment from her on my Facebook page seems to be the right example for this. I had shared an image of “The Unbounded Spirit” on my FB page, with the following content: “When you buy something from an artist you’re buying more than an object. You’re buying hundreds of hours of errors and experimentation. You’re buying years of frustration and moments of pure joy. You’re not buying just one thing, you are buying a piece of heart, a piece of a soul… a small piece of someone else’s life.” Michaela Seidl answered with the following comment: “Right, it´s far more than the final product. From the first sparkle of an idea to the complete concept in your head. The hope that it might look as cool on paper as it looks in your mind’s eye. The desire that the planned design may flow through your body, arms and hand to materialize on paper. The excitement when you feel like creating something new, and the frustration when it doesn’t turn out according to plan. The joy and relief when a part of it turns out right, the distress when you are stuck in the middle of the making. The indecision to draw the next line because it might ruin everything. The overcoming of the doubt when you’re able to continue. Finally, the satisfaction when the struggle is through even though the inevitable desire to tweak here and there and everywhere stays for a while. The process is key.”

I think that says so much more about her as an artist as I could possibly come up with. Please take a look at her work on her site. Click the link here and check out Michaela Seidl’s great artwork. 
Michaela Seidl's pencil drawing of a female body with water drops on it