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SPOTLIGHT – Shine light on the beauty of life

Not on everything shines a spotlight so we can see the beauty of it. Therefore we need to get closer and take a more investigative look at things around us. ​There is so much beauty in this world,
one just has to see it. It's just waiting to be discovered. A soap-bubble for example seems to be a simple little thing, until we see all the beautiful colors and shapes and all the gorgeous reflections these little balls carry along for a few moments. Or how about the water we all cherish so much? What is more beautiful than H2O in all its forms? And the clouds in the sky? They are showing us different shapes every time we look up to them. It doesn't need always a mirror to see a stunning reflection. Nature is so beautiful, if we only look closer at the world around us and discover all the hidden gems, the photo opportunities are endless and our results stunning.
Variety of photos for banner just shot
I have a thing for "old and rusty" – ​​So much to shoot
So many little things around us work like magic for our eyes. If we only put our focus on it, from every angle possible. One day it's a simple door knob, weathered up and rusty, on another it's the head lights of an old truck which catches my attention. As a photographer I learned to look closer and pay more careful attention to my surroundings. Key holes, street lamps, windows, fences, traffic or street signs, they all are my targets. And not only once, all the time. Because the weather conditions are always different, the light changes, the shadows are varying. It all makes every subject a target for the next shot. Staying focused on finding something beautiful, something interesting, when hunting for a shot is key. And to be always ready to fire your camera. It's your choice what you want to keep in focus. I for example have a thing for old rusty things of all kind. Mostly because these vintage parts of our lives have seen so many years go by and still stick around and enrich our always changing surroundings. When looking at them I literally can hear them telling me their stories. 

​​Reflections – Distortions are like magic
​​Reflections, to give you another pointer, are a great photo subject for every day as well. We are so used to find reflections in mirrors or glass windows and doors, that we don't expect them anywhere else. And really, reflections are everywhere, we just have to see them. And what a great abstract subject to shoot they are. Whenever I find interesting reflections I realize that the mirrored object I'm seeing is way more interesting than the original object. And combined with distortions they are like magic.

Clouds are fascinating, you never know what to expect
And lift up your head at times and look at the sky. Watch the clouds, they certainly know how to entertain. A friend of mine shot clouds for a whole year and now has a very cool collection of cloud animals and some very well knows "cloud logos". It's the uncertainty which makes clouds so interesting to shoot, you never know in which shape they will appear. Let your fantasy guide you and don't forget to shoot while watching the clouds go by.

In the SPOTLIGHT – Adding more shine onto cool stuff
I created the category SPOTLIGHT within WOSTPHOTO where I show shots of stuff I always shoot whenever I have an opportunity. Choose a sub-category you like to explore by clicking on one of the buttons underneath or in the navigation tab on top. These subjects are under my own spotlight all year long. And since I don't stand still and keep shooting, photos will be added almost weekly. Check in as many times as you like to see the new additions under the spotlight. Get inspired, grab your own camera, go out and put your own little shine on whatever you capture.