Chiesetta di Vitaleta in Val d'Orcia in Tuscany/Italy

This is how you have to imagine paradise
Val d'Orcia: A magnificent Tuscan treasure

Val d'Orcia, Tuscany/Italy (2017) – I have seen big and small, vibrant and busy cities, secluded but cozy and beautiful places, I have seen gorgeous locations in the mountains, at the sea, on islands and even in the desert. And a while ago I had already come to the following conclusion: no matter where you are, something will excite you or it won't fulfill your expectations, something you see or experience will leave you with a good or a bad feeling. It's just like that, pretty simple philosophy, I know. My photo tour through the Tuscan Val d'Orcia made me question my conclusion, I might have concluded too fast. Because now I know there is more to it. Shooting in these lush green rolling hills, within hay balls on these golden fields, the small villages and the ancient cities, the Tuscan landscape at sunrise and sunset, that all touched me in an unbelievable way. I had been eager for a long while to come in this part of Tuscany to take advantage of this beautiful setting. All these incredibly beautiful images I had seen of Tuscany over the years had triggered this desire in me. I wanted nothing more than to fire up my own Nikon right there and shoot the way I see this amazingly gorgeous piece of land in every possible light at every possible hour. 

And now I finally was there and noticed right away a change in my usual  photography practice. I wasn't running around anymore, afraid I would miss something. I started to be patient. I even waited for the clouds to move or the sun to come out. I've walked the extra mile to get a better
spot and changed equipment more than usual. At times I stopped the car literally after
every curve, jumped out of the car, changed lens took the shot and jumped back in and drove
away – to the next curve. Sometimes I just stood right in the middle of a field within hay balls and did nothing but smiling. I looked up a hill and a single cypress tree made me happy. I was overwhelmed by this beauty I saw all day long, every day. I understand poets, writers, painter
and landscape photographer so much better now. I understand now why they go to places like this, to fill up on inspiration, to recharge creativity and to get this positive energy this land gives you right into your soul. I got this feeling, this land made me more creative, it pushed me to take
better photos, it asked me to change my view at times to be able to see the real beauty.
I never even checked my shots at the end of the day, after uploading them onto my hard drive – well, I was too tired, let's be honest. I just knew I had some good shots. Most of all because
it was so easy, all I had to do was press the shutter release, the rest was already done by
Mother Nature. A drunk monkey would have photographed these incredibly gorgeous
land- and cityscape perfectly. Even though it seems to be impossible to capture all the beauty
one experiences right then and there in one photo. But one thing I know for sure: 
After having seen this part of Tuscany I understand that this is how you have to imagine paradise.