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I am very passionate about photography. Where I go, my NIKON goes! That’s just how it is.
No, I’m not obsessed. But I love to take photos, to compose and to create something special
with the help of some light. I love to observe what's going on in our beautiful world and my NIKON helps me to hold onto memorable moments a bit longer. The famous American photographer
Aaron Siskind once said: Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever, it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything. Well, that's just how I feel and I for sure couldn't have said it better.
Golden key between book pages
How WOSTPHOTO originated – From the need to the desire to show my creativity
The idea to create WOSTPHOTO came years ago during a job hunt. I was in need of an online portfolio, so I could show my work professionally online to potential employers. I searched the internet for an online photo portfolio and got very lucky. I a free one, which was very simple to use and still very cool looking, it was also very easy to adapt to my needs and no technical knowledge needed. And the best: no money out of my pocket. The portfolio helped me a great deal then, even though it was a very simple one, without all the bells and whistles and with very limited space. I could only upload a few photos and therefore not show a broader picture of my work. Understandably, it was free! 

For the long run I knew I would need more than an online portfolio, something bigger and only meant for a few to see. I “owe” it to some friends, who kept bugging me for years “to do something” with my photos and never stopped until I finally took the bull by the horns. Even though I always knew they meant well and were absolutely right, I also thought it would be like adding water to the ocean. I thought that the net was already flooded with amazing and very professional looking websites dedicated to photography. One evening while filing away some shots I had taken, I realized how many photos I had taken over the years and most of them would be stored away and would never see the light of day again. I am not kidding or exaggerating, I have so many photos on external hard drives that it started to bother me to store the hard drives away. So I asked myself: "Is it right to put so much effort and passion into my photography and at the end have nothing to show?" No, it is not!

While thinking about creating my own website, I found in the meanwhile a fast and not complicated way to show my photography to a broader group of people. I joined “Facebook” and uploaded hundreds of photos, got nice feedbacks, but also learned pretty quick that my photos were taken and reused for commercials. Well, this was not what I had in mind and since there was no way to get control of that, I deleted everything and from then on uploaded only very low resolution photos onto "Facebook". Soon I was confronted with complaints about the lack of quality, which also wasn't what I had in mind. So I finally had enough and jumped into the project: WOSTPHOTO.

Nobody and nothing is perfect – WOSTPHOTO will always be a work in progress
Knowing next to nothing about programming – HTML, CSS and the whole technical side of building a web site – made me hesitate at first. My lack of knowledge in website building was – nicely put – a discouraging factor. But since my heart and mind were already set on it, I wrapped my brain around it and met the challenge. Reading, watching tutorials, learning, trying, failing, searching for errors, trying again, failing again, until it finally worked. Multiply this times 20 and you get the right picture of my struggles. I’m proud to say I kind of kept my sanity, but during the many night shifts I kind of lost the feeling for time. There were days when I didn’t want to go to bed because I was afraid next morning I wouldn't know anymore how I did what.
But somehow I did it and WOSTPHOTO is up and running. In fact it is online for some time now and lots of people from all over the world come and visit every day, read my stories and look at my photos. And because I constantly add new pages, posts and photo galleries, I have a little fan base who checks in on a regular basis. Thank you all for that by the way. To know you are coming back for more keeps me going! In the meanwhile my website, I worked so hard for became the target of some fools who have nothing better to do than to destroy what others built up. So I started to add security, fixed what they constantly broke, removed unwanted ads and banned whole countries from my site only to make sure these trolls are not coming back. Until one day my whole site crashed and I had to make a decision: build a new one from scratch or get out of it all the way. Well the fact that you read this right now shows you for what I went for. I bought hosting space at a company I think I can trust and in many day and night shifts I recreated WOSTPHOTO. I refreshed it and gave it a new look. I added lots of stories and even more photos. I created new categories and new content. I don't want to jinx it but so far all is better than before, also more unwanted ads and no more broken pages. Everything works. Yeah!
I always wanted to present my photos a bit more prominent and in a classy, stylish and sophisticated look. Well, some days now I think I accomplished my goal and on other days I still keep searching for ways to make it even better. At the end all my efforts goes towards my photography. Without the site my photos would be resting in the dark somewhere on my many storage devices. I hope you can enjoy what you see on WOSTPHOTO and you will not be bothered by future maintenance or changes too much. I want to make sure that my site shows my work the way I would want to see it myself. It should be a pleasure to look at them.
Even though photography and traveling is an obvious combination, this is not a travel blog. On WOSTPHOTO you’ll find first and foremost my photos (copyrighted/protected), taken at every opportunity offered to me. At a pond, a lake or the ocean, on a field or on top of a mountain, in a tiny village or in a huge city, at an exhibition, a play, a show or an event, long story short, where- and whenever I had my Nikon fired  up, the results you will find here at WOSTPHOTO. Expect to see lots of photos, for better navigation I sorted them within my Portfolio  into the categories “ Animals “, “ Black & White “, “ Black & White plus“, “ Cards ” “ C omposites “, “ Flowers “, “ Outdoors “, “ People ” and " MishMash ". And of course my blog is full of travel stories and photos but the emphasis is on the images. Check out “ Places ”, there you will find lots of photos from my journeys through AUSTRIA , ITALY, and USA . I feel like I’m home in these countries and consider myself very lucky to have lived in all of them.  In WORLD you will find photos and stories about the other countries I've visited.      

Many photos and a few lines – Get inspired and talk about it
The blog I write most likely because I feel I kind of have to. Or it’s because once a writer always a writer. Journalists just have to write things down, I guess. Also when looking at my travel photos I always want to explain things. Don’t ask me why. Let’s say because I feel it completes the experience to visit and look at my photos. The stories I post are supposed to entertain, sometimes intended to make the reader smile or sometimes just transport some useful information. The posts are composed only by myself and mirror my opinion as the photos will reflect my impressions.

I do have an ulterior motive though to maintain WOSTPHOTO as best I can: I really would like to inspire people to go places, take photos and also show them. It would make the world even more interesting, more colorful and it would give people more reason to talk about the beauty in the world. If I could pass on my passion for photography to a few people this way, I consider my efforts very much worth it. I truly hope you will like what you see. As I said before, comments are always appreciated and so is sharing with your friends.

Print store attached – Cooperation with FineArtAmerica
The question “Can I buy a print?” finally can be answered with "Yes, you can!" And not only regular poster prints but a whole variety of products. I always found it very flattering that people actually liked my photography or digital artwork that much that they actually would contact me to ask if they could buy it for their homes or offices. To fulfill demands from all over the world is quite a task and almost impossible for a one-man-show. So in 2016, after a long and thorough research, I teamed up with “FineArtAmerica“, the largest print-on-demand fulfillment network in the world and since then I can offer a truly customer friendly solution. "FineArtAmerica" is a professional partner, one with a great reputation, great service and guaranteed quality!​ Check it out! Navigate via the "store" button – top right in the menu to the WOSTPHOTOSTORE and see for yourself. Some of the framed photos you will find throuhout the website are already linked to the store to make it easier. WOSTPHOTO photo and digital art can now be ordered from all over in the world, conveniently and safe. Your order will be in good hands and fulfilled to your and also to my satisfaction. 

You can check in  here  to see which photos I offer currently as paper prints, canvas prints, prints on metal, wood or acrylic surface, on fleece blankets, pillows, towels, duvet covers or on yoga mats, tote and weekender bags and even on cell phone cases for all phone types. Just take a look!

Please bookmark this site and come as often as you like. But most of all have fun strolling through the pages and enjoy my photography. Let my images and photos entertain or even inspire you, and please know, your visit is always very much appreciated.